The Saga of Sol

Post-Post Apocolyptic Science Fantasy

  • Sol
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune

Although every planet has the knowledge and the ability to create technology. The "masters" listed below are the undisputed leaders in their field.

Mercury - The Masters of Energy

The Mercurians have discovered the secret of near perfect energy storage. Their proximity to Sol allows them to charge their standard batteries for nearly free. This energy supply and demand has made their nation wealthy beyond imagination. Their Power Point, a standard large scale battery that is used in all walks of life from spaceships to buildings can easily power an entire office building for a year before recharging.

Approximate Population: 525,000

Venus - The Masters of Spirituality

Venus is closer, on average, than any other planet to the Dark Heart of Sol. It was this proximity that has manifested psychic abilities and a religion around a god named Zor. Zor is a masculine God, however there is a major sect that believes that Zor is a female deity and her name is Zora. Although they are essentially the same deity, this is a source of strong internal conflict and occasionally violence in their zealotry.

There is a notable percentage of Zorians who have manifested psychic and seemingly supernatural powers similar to the effects of those who use Void crystals (see Saturn) without the need of touching a Void crystal.

Approximate Population: 75 million

Mars - The Masters of War

The ancient Greek God Ares was known for his love of war. Mars and one of its primary corporations, Ares Industries, is well known for having the most penetrating, but expensive weaponry in the System. An Ares Railgun will mow down armor and troops more effectively than any other personal weapon. Their power armor is a made up of a carbon aluminum composite which is both resilient and light.

Approximate Population: 64 million

Jupiter - The Masters of Technology

Jovian Industries are the factories of the system, providing construction services from computers, robots, vehicles, to dreadnaught class starships. The yards are almost completely automated as they are the inventors and curators of the latest round of AI processors.

Attempting to remain as neutral as possible, they do work for everyone and refuse to sign exclusively contracts. Even the reclusive Neptunians contract out to them.

Approximate Population: 3.5 million (including Graystone)

Saturn - The Masters of Science

What the the Titan stock humans lack in stature they make up for in knowledge. The libraries that exist on the Scity Chronus are vast and even rumored to have knowledge lost before the 00 worm. Recently it has been rumored that they have tapped into the secrets of the Dark Heart of Sol and have the ability to control reality by sheer willpower.

Approximate Population: 375,000

Uranus - The Masters of Stealth

Stealth Technology has been The Uranian League's only saving grace in its continued piracy of the system. If it were not for the invisibility fields of both the ships and scities, the threat would have been removed decades ago.

Approximate Population: 70,000, no Graystone representation

Neptune - The Masters of Gravity

Although the other nations have primitive gravity drives, they are vastly larger and consume much more energy. No other nation has a gravity drive smaller than the size of a room, which only provides a fighter class ship 1g acceleration. It is known that they have gravity drives for tiny drone class vehicles no bigger than a man’s hand.

Approximate Population: Unknown. Estimated 100,000 by Graystone's representation

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